CHANNEL PHOTOGRAPHICS is a boutique fine art book publisher, specializing in exceptionally produced illustrated coffee table and children's books, and their related marketing, publicity and distribution. Channel Photographics features a focused publishing strategy and believes in publishing a limited number of titles in a broad range of subjects.

Channel evolved from a genuine desire to combine a high aesthetic standard of fine art book-making with a modern publishing program designed to reach a specific, targeted audience. We focus in the areas of photography, fashion, architecture, design, music, fine arts and lifestyle. Exquisite printing, fine book design and typography, and exceptional cloths, papers, and bindings are the hallmarks that distinguish Channel and ensure the highest level of sophistication.

Through specialized distribution partnerships, Channel Photographics reaches a worldwide audience. Our strategy of focused distribution includes book features at special events and openings, traveling exhibitions, direct marketing campaigns and corporate buy-ins. We likewise offer traditional distribution in major retail outlets, bookstores, and finer boutiques around the globe. Channel Photographics concentrates on all aspects of front-list publishing and nurtures its authors’ backlists, frequently re-packaging them and taking advantage of new opportunities for promotion.

Channel Photographics focuses on packaging and publishing books with photographers and artists who they are presently representing in areas such as licensing, exhibition, and agency work. Channel also produces titles for corporate clients and other institutions. Channel Photographics publications are distributed worldwide, with its primary market in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Channel Photographics has an extensive network of non-book trade accounts with retailers and resellers in the fashion, media and design industries. These combined distribution channels provide extremely broad coverage for our titles in the worldwide market of illustrated books.

All Channel books can also be purchased online at any of the leading internet booksellers, or directly from Channel Photographics.

Our portfolio of services includes:

Channel Photographics has at its disposal an unmatched team of professionals in editing, design, printing and production. Our team works with clients from initial concept through all stages of the editing, design, pre-press and production processes. Artists and publishers alike value the expertise we offer to each of our projects, at every step.

Channel Photographics has developed several key distribution relationships in North America, Europe and Asia for the most efficient and cost-effective distribution of photographic books. Our company has long-term relationships with major book wholesalers and online vendors of illustrated texts. Channel Photographics produces customized marketing plans that recognize the unique qualities of our clients’ projects. We know the book market inside out; we understand the unique challenge of getting projects sold, even in the most difficult economic cycles.

Channel Photographics has extensive contacts in print, radio, and television media. We know how to secure widespread coverage of an artist's work or soon-to-be-released book project. Channel Photographics' constantly updated database of picture editors, art directors, and other decision makers in the magazine, newspaper and non-print media world is an invaluable resource at our clients’ disposal.

Channel Photographics organizes, curates, and designs print exhibitions for its artist, corporate and institutional clients. Exhibitions and special events are often part of a larger marketing plan surrounding the impending release of a book or other publication. To date, Channel Photographics’ principals have been involved in dozens of successful “launch” and exhibition events in New York, Los Angeles, London, and Paris.

Channel Photographics has handled the negotiation and sale of millions of dollars of photographic prints on behalf of our clients. Channel Photographics has extensive knowledge of the retail and secondary photographic markets; our relationship with galleries and dealers worldwide is a powerful client asset. We understand value and the benefits of placing work in the appropriate collections and venues. We know how to proffer deals in the most expeditious manner possible.

CHANNEL KIDS specializes in bringing fresh material in an innovative format to the market for creative illustrated/photography books for children.

Channel Kids understands the specific needs of the children’s book market. We build amazing books for children of all ages with beautiful full-color interiors.

If we are to remain a literary people, we must turn off the television and read books to our children.