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Christopher Carter began his love of drawing, like most, as a child, but then never stopped. He started with comic books, hill and trees, clouds and people, and then graduated to battle scenes. His drawing led to painting, which led to woodcut printing, etching and lithography. Somewhere along the way came a love of figure drawing and figurative sculpture in stone and then in bronze. Carter has painted backgrounds for MTV’s Liquid TV and did animation for Coke and Sprite ads. As his need to draw was sated through his work, and because the commercial world doesn’t have any room for the ‘happy accident,’ Christopher Carter found himself turning to other medium for his creative explorations. At Berkeley, sculpture—through its force, shape, line and material— became poetry for him. And he was free to explore his creative curiosity, as no one there seemed to object that as a painter, he chose only to sculpt. Stalwart is as much about drawing as it is about form and material. And by collecting images on these pages, they begin to reveal other meanings still. Certainly, the process of grouping them, and making of a sculptural series a series of photographs, allows them a kind of mobility they would never have in a gallery. As an artist, Christopher feels he is always reaching for an audience, and striving to create timely works with social and historical relevance.



AUTHOR / ARTIST: Christopher Carter

“If you burn one of these, there would be a magnificence to it,” he insists, “as opposed to a fire that would diminish its strength.”
- Elisa Turner (former critic, Miami Herald)

$19.95, Hardcover
40 pp, 8.5” x 11”
ISBN: 978-0-9773399-5-2

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